Parent Testimonials

My high schooler had a wonderful experience

Our high schooler utilized online remote tutoring his junior and senior year along with college counseling. Together, both of these services really made a difference in getting him accepted into 5 top schools. I can’t stress how important it was to start the process early to set the foundation
and we all can’t thank Premier Academy enough for everything they have done.

– Mary Ann Huang

My 9-year-old has been going there since a year ago, the weekday after-school program. She simply loves it! Within a month, I noticed her math grade had significantly improved and she begun to love math! The teachers there were amazing; they could pick up the kids from their regular school if the parents have little time and keep them there well-educated, well-socialized, and well-entertained 🙂 I heard that there are kids going there since first grade well until they finish high-school! The online tutoring has also been very beneficial and convenient as well.

– Mary Zheng

As a parent of three children, I value the quality of education highly. After just few years of taking after-school lessons and online tutoring at Premier, we noticed the remarkable improvement not only in the critical thinking ability of our children but also their confidence level in facing new challenges. Premier Academy certainly has established the purpose of learning to the most premium expectations. Our oldest tried out the college counseling and really got a lot of benefit and guidance along his entry into a dream school. Thank you Premier Academy!

– Edith Chang

I attended the Premier Academy from fifth through ninth grade. The instructors that I have had there were always attentive to the student’s needs, gentle but firm, and overall great teachers. They expressed genuine concern for the student’s well-being and ascertained that the student was going through the most efficient and proficient learning process. The administrators were equally involved. I have had a positive experience through my interactions with Premier Academy’s instruction and administration.

– Anthony Tsang

Premier Academy has done wonders for my children over their middle school and high school days. Their tutors were top notch in all the key subjects and the central offices always was there for any rescheduling or questions I had. Our oldest even received fabulous college counseling service which eventually got him into many top-notch colleges. Thank you, Premier Academy for all that you have done.

– Helen Chai