Success Stories

Success Stories

Throughout the years, Premier Academy has successfully placed many students whose families have been extremely happy with the level of integrity and service received. Our service does not stop once your child arrives in the United States. We take pride in not only placing them into schools in the U.S. but also helping your children succeed with their new lives in America. You could be the next Premier Academy success story. Here are just a few of our many success stories.

Wesley Hsieh

Patrick Gan

Tom Wang

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Mary Qu- “My GPA was not high at all  and I’m not confident about college planning when I first join Premier Academy’s college planning. However, counselors here are very encouraging and responsible, I keep improving in everyway by their guidance along the way. In the end, I got accepted into my favorite art school–Otis College of Art and Design. I feel happy to become my mom’s proud. Overall very thankful for the good experience here in Premier Academy.”

“刚加入培名学院的时候我GPA不高也没有自信。但是这里的升学顾问老师总是鼓励我,非常尽职尽责,在他们的指导下,我逐渐地在各方面得到提高。最终,我被我心爱的艺术学院–Otis College of Art and Design给录取了。我很高兴能成为妈妈的骄傲。总的来说,特别感谢在培名学院里的美好经历。”

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Yiwei Zhu– “I have joined Premier Academy’s college planning since 9th grade. Teachers have been helping me a lot on English, Statistics, and AP Environmental Science. They also suggested me to join more extracurriculars and volunteer work. I have improved so much on SAT due to the private tutoring. Premier Academy guided me to pick the major that suits me and good for my career path. I am so glad that I got accepted to Indiana University, I really enjoy the life here.”

“ 我从九年级就加入了培名学院的升学规划。老师们在英语,统计学和AP环境科学方面都给予了我莫大的帮助。他们还建议我多多参加课外活动和义工活动。这里一对一的辅导让我在SAT考试中成绩得到显著提高。培名学院还引导我选择了适合我的专业,为我将来的职业生涯奠定了扎实的基础。我非常开心被Indiana University录取了,现在我非常享受在这里的生活。”

Jonathan Zheng –  “I want to thank Premier Academy for all their efforts in guiding and mentoring me throughout my high school years.     I was fortunate enough to gain acceptance into New York University where I have been successful at the transition from high school to college all the way here on the East Coast.


Albert Xu – “I owe a lot to Premier Academy and the efforts they made to assist me with entrance into Georgetown University.   There were so many critical questions I was able to get answered as I went through the application and acceptance process.    It was a dream come true when I received the acceptance letter and I for sure will make the best of this opportunity.”

“非常感谢培名学院在我身上所作的所有努力,让我最终能够跨进Georgetown University的大门。在申请的过程中,我有非常多关键的问题都在培名学院这里得以解答。当我拿到大学通知书的一刻,就像是美梦成真,我一定会尽最大努力珍惜这个机会。”

Yoitsu Kamija – “The Premier Academy counselors help guide my decisions here in the United States and make good choices. Back in China, I had no idea what the United States was about and where to begin. Today I am a senior at Arcadia H.S. already accepted to many of the top universities in the US.These universities include USC, University of Chicago, Emory, Washington University, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD and UC Berkeley. I have chosen to attend UC Berkeley this fall with a full scholarship.”

“培名学院的升学顾问一路引导我做出正确的决定和选择。在中国的时候,我并不知道美国是什么样子,应该如何开始在这里的学业。而现在,作为一名即将高中毕业的学生,我已经拿到了众多高等学府的录取通知书,包括了:USC, University of Chicago, Emory, Washington University, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD 和 UC Berkeley。我最终选择了接受UC Berkeley的录取及全额奖学金的奖励。”

John Taoo – “I have been in the United States from Shanghai for 5 years now. When I first arrived my English was poor and I had zero friends and understanding of the United States. Premier Academy helped me transition to a new U.S. school system and now today I am attending the University of Illinois  in the fall.”

“从离开上海来到美国现在已经5年了。当我刚踏上这片土地的时候我英语很差,在这里一个朋友也没有,对美国也没有清晰的认识。而培名学院帮助我成功地完成过渡,现在我将要在秋天进入University of Illinois就读。”


Shike Wu – “As a student from China with lower scores on the SAT, Premier Academy Student Services helped me enhance my college application and thus succeed at getting into my dream school of University of California San Diego. My transition there has been smooth and I really enjoy my life at school there. Thank you Premier!”

“我是一个SAT分数不高的中国学生,培名学院的升学服务帮助我提升自己,并协助我成功完成大学申请,最终我被梦寐以求的University of California San Diego录取。整个申请流程十分顺利,我现在非常享受在大学里的生活。谢谢你!培名学院!”


Cyrus Jia – “My family is from Guangzhou city and did not know much about the college application process.   Premier Academy was about to get me into UCSD all cost covered.   USC also accepted me and has been a dream school of mine for a very long time. Additionally, I was accepted into New York University and Carnegie Mellon.  I am very appreciative of the key advice Premier Academy has offered me over the years and without them I would have been lost during this process. Recently, USC gave me close to 100% scholarship and financial consideration and that is where I will be attending college this fall.   Thank you, Premier Academy for making my dreams come true!“

“我家里来自广州,一开始我并不知道如何去做美国的大学申请。在这里,培名学院帮助我得到了众多名校的录取,其中UCSD给了我费用全免的录取,我一直以来的梦校USC也给我发放了录取,另外,New York University 和 Carnegie Mellon也对我发放录取。我非常感谢培名学院多年来给予我的专业指导,没有他们我会在这个申请过程中迷失自己。最近,USC也给我了100%的奖学金支持,我最终决定在这个秋天去USC上学。感谢你,助我梦想成真的培名学院!”

Ming Yong Han – “I was a new student from Guangdong attending Glendale Community College. Premier Academy Student Services helped me transfer smoothly to the UC system when I thought getting into a UC school was almost impossible. Their expertise and guidance helped me through the process and on the way to future success.”


Sharon Mo – “Originally from China, I used Premier Academy Student Services to help me decide what college to attend. Upon arrival to the United States, Premier Academy helped my transition tremendously by providing guidance which allowed me to succeed and today attend a UC college here in Southern California.”

“我来自中国,我利用培名学院的学生服务来帮助我决定上哪一所大学。在到达美国后,培名学院很大程度上的帮助我去融入美国的学校生活,正是因为如此,我才能够成功进入UC Riverside就读。”

Kevin Wu – “Premier Academy helped a kid like me direct from Shanghai and into the American school system. I needed extra help with not only English but also other subjects. Today I attend Cal Poly Pomona where 5 years ago I had no confidence this could be the reality.”

“培名学院帮助了我这个来自上海的孩子成功进入了美国的学校系统。我刚来这里时,英语和其他科目都需要依靠培名学院的辅导。而现在,我已经成功进入Cal Poly Pomona就读。回首5年前,我根本没有这样的自信能使这一切都变成真的。”