Private Tutoring (Online and In-person)

Private Tutoring provides students with the most effective and customized learning solutions.

At Premier Academy, we pride ourselves on providing the best private tutors to help improve your grades and your understanding of the subject matter for a wide variety of courses. We have the highest standards for our tutors to ensure that our students get the most out of the time they spend with our tutors. You and have tutoring done online through the comforts of your home using the latest technology to ensure the quality of the learning experience. As an option you can organize small groups of 2-3 students in order to reduce the overall cost for each student.

Our tutors can help you with the following subjects:

Math: AP subjects SAT:
Calculus AP Chemistry SAT Critical Reading
Trigonometry AP Physics SAT Writing
Algebra AP US History SAT Math
Geometry AP World History SAT II Subject Tests
Basic Math AP European History  
  AP Biology ISEE
English: AP Calculus ISEE Math
ESL/ELD AP Economics ISEE English
Reading AP Psychology  
Writing AP Computer Science  
Grammar AP Statistics  
  AP US Government  
Science:   Language
Basic Science History& Social Studies  Chinese
Physics Social Studies  French
Chemistry World History  Spanish
Biology US History  
Life science European History  
Earth Science