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Tondo: The Forgotten People of People

American high school student Madison Wuu travels back to Manila, Philippines where she lived almost 10 years of her life to document and tell the stories of individual residents of Happyland and Smokey Mountain.  Both areas are within Tondo which is located in Metropolitan Manila and considered two of the poorest areas within the entire Philippines and all of Southeast Asia. 

From squatters to homeless children, Madison examines the daily lives of those who all live with very little and in extreme poverty.  Recycled food from the trash is even depicted from the collection process all the way to selling as hot food to local residents. Additionally, the daily lives of recycled trash collectors, garlic peelers, junk shop owners and those with still no job are documented and brought to life. Although their lives are challenging, one can respect and relish the positive energy, persistence, and smiles coming from the Philippine people throughout this documentary; no matter what hardships they encounter. 

Come join and examine the true lives of those from Tondo: The Forgotten People of Manila.

Madison Wuu (Director and Producer) Bio:

Madison Wuu is a third-culture student who has spent time growing up in multiple countries throughout the world. Born in Pasadena, CA, Madison has lived and been educated in Gibraltar, Spain, Philippines and now is finishing up high school in Los Angeles, California at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. Madison spent almost 10 years in Manila, Philippines and exploring the Asia region along with its diverse cultures and an array of local and foreign friendships that are very meaningful to her even to this day. At an early age Madison showed a passion to help others and also and enjoyment for storytelling. As a proud Chinese American who enjoys many passions such as tennis, writing, volunteering, and the ocean/ outdoors, Madison hopes to one day study and pursue a career in film and entertainment.

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