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At Premier Academy, we focus on the essential aspects needed for success. We specialize in assisting students prepare for the college application process and are committed to help students gain admission to the nation’s top universities. Our team of professional advisers provides college counseling fitted to each student’s individual needs in order to give them the necessary tools to excel and receive the best education possible. With our years of admissions experience, we provide thorough coaching to help students create personal statements based on their own style and unique characteristics. We also help students build a professional resume of achievements to create a polished application.

With Premier Academy’s guidance, students will gain insight into their passions and interests.

We will develop your “competitive edge”… to help you get accepted into
the colleges you want, and get the financial aid you need!

College Counseling Promotion
Premier Academy is now offering a one-hour FREE college counseling session for high school students and parents (English or Chinese).

Call Premier Academy (626-765-3519) today to schedule your free session (online or in person). Our college counselor expert has over 20 years’ experience and will take you step-by-step through the admission process, offering personalized guidance on the following:

  • Create an overall story for the student applying to college
  • Guide high school coursework plans, and extracurricular activity selection
  • Create a college list on where to apply based on student fit and major desire
  • Help with essay topics selection Developing a standardized test (ACT / SAT) strategy
  • Scholarship search and financial aid support
  • Answer all your questions
  • And much more!