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Job Title: Campus Director

PLW Education, Inc. dba Premier Academy focuses on the successful placement of students, including international students from Asia, entering middle school, high school, and college in the U.S. We offer one-on-tutoring, ESL programs, summer and winter camps, and other programs for our students. As the education system and students’ needs constantly evolve, we strive to provide students with a one-stop solution to discover the best school and living arrangement to meet their goals and expectations. Our company’s core values center around providing our students and their families with a learning and living environment which is safe, friendly, and academically challenging.

As we plan to expand our student services in the Los Angeles area and beyond, our company needs the professional services of a Campus Director to initiate, plan, execute, and manage the development and implementation of our student program policies and procedures. The Campus Director will help strengthen and manage our operations to ensure integrity and accuracy in the planning phases, drive progress in meeting all milestones and control points during program implementation, and see projects and programs through to completion within budget, scope, and schedule. The Campus Director will supervise the work of the college counselors, tutors, and administration staff members.

Our company was previously located in Arcadia, CA, but currently works remotely. We will be moving to a new office space in Los Angeles County. The Campus Director will work at our future office location in Los Angeles County.

In a quantitative breakdown, the Campus Director will perform the following duties:

Education Program Management & Analysis (75%)
• Develop program schedules for the entire program life cycle from consultation, initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, control, and program closure;
• Identify the demands and requirements of international students and families to determine the complexity of our student services, risks involved, and budgetary limitations;
• Facilitate project status meetings to track and report progress and handle team conflicts to drive projects to completion through timely and effective communication of project work and status with all contributors and stakeholders;
• Measure program cost against the planned budget and keep cost reports up to date to identify any potential issues related to costs;
• Work with our administration staff to develop surveys and interviews to gather data from past and current students regarding their experience with our company;
• Record pre-and post-program documentation of program progress and any changes or improvements made after the planned fixes have been implemented;

Operations Optimization (25%)
• Analyze and research our operational strengths and weaknesses, and make suggestions to the management to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness;
• Collaborate with managers and staff to discuss plans and course of actions regarding our operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and attract new partners;
• Analyze our company’s performance data using R programming implementation of our student programs and policies and report any issues regarding staffing, budgeting, or miscommunication; further develop solutions to those issues;
• Monitor the performance of the tutors and administration staff members, providing and documenting performance feedback to improve workflow and quality of service over time;
• Compare the company’s operational practices against significant competitors in the industry to identify areas for improvements and suggest solutions as needed;
• Oversee business development, marketing, and sales;

Minimum Requirements:
• Master’s degree in economics or related;
• 1 year of work experience in analyzing operational efficiency and effectiveness of educational and student immersion programs;
• Proficient in R programming.

Apply to PLW Education, Inc. DBA Premier Academy c/o Pierre Wuu, 3355 Yorkshire Rd, Pasadena.


Premier Academy continuously looks for candidates across many subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Chinese, SAT Testing/Courses, and all AP (Advanced Placement) categories.

All candidates preferably have the following:

  • A minimum Bachelor’s degree in their field of expertise
  • A demonstrated ability and love of working with children grades 1 – 12
  • Some previous and relevant work experience

Please email your resume to with Subject Heading – “Job Application”