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Middle School/ High School Boarding School Applications

Premier Academy can help you apply to a school in the USA early before college starts. We have connections and knowledge of the best private and boarding schools in America. The earlier your child enters school in the United States the better. Let Premier Academy help you reach your child’s dreams!

Program Offering:

  • Online Application Guidance
  • Extracurricular Guidance
  • School Search
  • Application Essays
  • Interview coaching
  • Visa Guidance
  • School Tour Coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are students guaranteed to get successfully placed?

A: Yes. We guarantee at least one successful placement minimum or your money back. Our company will only accept students we feel have a high probability of successful placement.

Q: My student’s English level is very low. Can they come to America for study?

A: Yes. Premier Academy has relationships with many schools across the country which take students at a very beginning English level. We would most likely place your student into a school with a special ELD/ESL curriculum.

Q: Will you consult for the US visa application including the I-20 invitation letter and F-1 Student Visa?

A: Yes. Part of our service is ensuring that both the I-20 invitation letter and F-1 Student Visa are correctly issued. We also help prepare you for the US Embassy interview.

Q: What cities in the United States do you place students to?

A: We cover Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York as the main three cities. Secondary cities include Chicago, Houston, Seattle and Atlanta

Q: How do you select the home stay sponsor families?

A: Premier Academy interviews many prospective families who want to be a sponsor family. Full background checks are performed and preference is given to those families with experience and a proven track record. Premier Academy also works directly with each school which many already perform their own pre-screening of families.

Q: What is the cost of schooling vs. boarding?

A: School tuition ranges from as little as $15,000 USD/year to as high as $75,000/year which are boarding schools that include housing and meals where students live on campus. Home stay students can expect to pay anywhere from $1800 – $2500 each month for housing and meals. All prices vary depending on the school, family and location in the United States.