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As a transfer student, how can I get into my dream university?

Premier Academy can help guide you through the complicated Transfer process. In many cases our students have realized their dreams by carefully transferring from one university to their Dream university.

For one thing, you need to clearly articulate who you are, what you need, and the reason you need it.

Probably the most important aspect is clearly telling the university why you want to transfer there. To help the admissions counselor get to know you better, prepare to answer their questions, such as “How will transferring to our university help you reach your goals?” Don’t just give a reason like “This is one of the top universities.” Instead, be more specific about why you are attracted to the courses offered, the excellent professors, or the campus culture.

Also, be prepared to explain that your original undergraduate program does not meet your goals or the requirements for success in the area you want to work in. For example, the reason may be that your career goals have changed, which is a justified reason for changing to a new a new tradition.

In order to develop these personal statements and attract the university’s attention, you will need professional editor to guide you, give you writing feedback, and help you improve your grammar.

Premier Academy’s professional editing service is run by our highly experienced editors. We can help a transfer student with every step of the personal statement process from brainstorming to modifying prewritten essays. We can help you present yourself at your best.

Furthermore, our university counseling service will help transfer students choose new majors, analyze potential university’s, and develop a plan, giving our students more confidence that they will be accepted into their dream university!